The First Steps in Starting a Campus Club

So… you’ve decided you want to start a Campus Club… what’s the next step? Getting your Campus Club off the ground depends on a number of factors, but there are generally three things that every student needs to get the club going. Let’s talk about each of those necessities.

  1. You Need Club Members. Talk with the Christians you know in your school and see if they’d be interested in joining the club. If interested, have them sign the Student Interest Sheet (PDF), which you can present to your principal and teacher-sponsor when you meet with them. This will also give you the information you need to be in contact with those who are interested.
  2. You Gotta Have a Teacher-Sponsor. How do you find a teacher-sponsor? Try asking. Start with a teacher you know, or that you know to be a Christian. If you don’t know any Christian teachers, why not a teacher if they are a Christian, or if they know if any of the teachers are Christian? A teacher-sponsor simply has to be available to be in the room when a Bible Club meeting is taking place. It’s that simple.
  3. You Can’t Have a Club Without School Approval. As a student, it’s easy to view the principal as the disciplinarian who makes and enforces rules. After all, when someone gets into big trouble, they go to the principle’s office. You should keep in mind, however, the primary job of a principal is to guide students through their education so they graduate successfully. In other words, the principal exists to help you. Youth Alive has a great guide for meeting with the principle, which you can download here (PDF). One important thing to remember is that you aren’t really asking you principal for permission to have a club, because The Supreme Court of the United States has already given you permission. Instead, you should be asking your principal how clubs are formed, what policies need to be followed to get your club started, etc.

You can do this! And if you do, you are well on the way to getting a Campus Club going in your school.