Taking Initiative – Part 3

The 1-Month Callenge

Editor’s Note: We’ve been doing a series called “Taking Initiative.” The commitment of a Campus Missionary, and the desire to impact a school for Jesus Christ, requires that we think and act creatively to accomplish this goal. Taking initiative means that we actively try to share and demonstrate our faith in school. For the next few weeks we will look at some different initiatives that you can take on in your school as you Pray, Live, Tell, Serve and Give.

When I was in high school and had fully committed my life to Christ, I made a conscious commitment to live my life with the mission of God in mind: to seek and save that which is lost (Luke 19:10). I also took a great interest in my own growth as a Christian. I started doing something that helped me fulfill both of these objectives at the same time; I started carrying my Bible with me at school. Even better, I started reading it at every opportunity that came along – downtimes, study halls, extra time after I had completed a test, etc. What started as an attempt to read my Bible more with the time available to me turned into an opportunity to share my faith.

People started to notice when I was carrying my Bible around. Why? Because nobody does that. I even had a teacher jokingly ridicule me in front of the class because I was reading my Bible when I had completed a test. That may seem like a bit of a challenge, but I was thankful that attention was drawn to the living Word of God, how valuable it was to me, and how it was changing my life. There wasn’t a fancy name or organized initiative for it back then. I was just a guy trying to be devout in my faith. But now we do have a name for it: The 1-Month Challenge.

It’s pretty simple: for one month carry your Bible with you everywhere you go. Don’t tuck it away in your backpack or purse, but carry it in your hand is a visual display your commitment to Christ and your desire to pray, live, tell, serve, and give as a missionary for the Gospel. Make it a physical version of the Bible rather than a digital version on your iPod. Everybody does stuff on their iPod in their spare time, so no one will really think anything of it if you’re reading your Bible on it. But an actual physical edition of God’s Word will make people notice what you’re doing. Then they’ll start to ask questions. Carry it everywhere: school, work, home, church, the mall, the movie theater, football games, hanging out with your friends, everywhere!

Start by committing to do this for one month, just 30 days. See where that takes you and the conversations it opens up. Then consider making it a part of your lifestyle. Here’s some great resources to help you:

National 1-Month Page

1-Month Video[vimeo]https://vimeo.com/28532190[/vimeo]