Promoting Your See You At The Pole

See You At The Pole is just a few weeks away, and by now I pray that you have begun to formulate a plan for putting your See You At The Pole together. Just as important as planning the actual event is promoting the event. See You At The Pole is not just an event for you and your friends, it’s an event that can and should attract Christians from all over your school, including many you may not even know. Here’s a few ideas to think about in promoting your See You At The Pole (SYATP):

  1. School Announcements. Talk to the person in charge of your school’s audio or video announcements and have SYATP announced with the date and time. This is a great way of promoting during the week of SYATP on Monday and Tuesday. Many schools allow this, some will not.
  2. Posters. Find out from the principle if you can hang up posters. Some schools will allow this, others will not.
  3. T-Shirts. If you cannot advertise over the announcements or by hanging up posters, consider yourself a walking advertisement. But some shirts from, or make some yourself, and distribute them amongst your friends to advertise SYATP.
  4. Pole-Pass Lanyards or Wristbands. You could buy either of these items from, or create them yourself. You can buy the lanyard rope and hook from any office supply store, and create the advertisement that will hang from the lanyard.

It’s also possible that you are able to plan your See You At The Pole because someone else is already in charge of it. That doesn’t mean you can’t be a part of what’s happening. Remember, one of the five commitments of a Campus Missionary is to “Serve.” What better way to serve then to approach the leadership and see how you can be a part, or to make some suggestions to how you could help the process.