Pray! Pray! Pray!

Ok, so summer has come to an end, which means that schedules begin to pick back up with sports, school work, family functions, clubs (and everything else that we sign up for and complain about secretly behind our parents backs). But one thing to keep in mind this whole school year no matter what is in front of you is prayer. James 5:16 states “The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.” As we take our stand in our schools for our faith we must remember that we aren’t representing ourselves, but our Holy Creator God and His Son He sent to die upon a cross, Jesus Christ.

Stated in the verse of James, prayer is powerful and an effective tool at our disposal. Prayer is what separates us from other religions in that we are having an actual conversation with our Creator…and He listens! In order for your ministry to be strong you must rely on God to help you every day in order to witness to your school effectively, be an example of Christ, and to season your words with graciousness. You don’t get want to get caught saying something stupid and looking like the kid who passed gas in the middle of class and everyone staring at you. 🙂

Be practical in your prayer life; develop a list that you pray for everyday and continually pray for those situations and people. Also, come together with a group of people every morning before school starts and pray for your Bible Club to reach out to others, and that your walk with God is evident.