Have You Heard of the 1 Month Challenge?


Have you heard of the One Month Challenge? This is a challenge to all students and leaders to carry their Bibles with them everywhere they go. I challenge you to do it!
Don’t just carry your Bible at church, or to youth group, but make it a part of everything you are doing. Take it to school, work, the movies, home, to a friends house…you’ll be amazed at the places your Bible goes with you…maybe you should even take a picture of the great places it ends up.

Seriously, are you prepared for the courage and tenacity it will require to carry God’s Word with you everywhere? I don’t mean to carry a Bible app on your iPhone or iPod Touch. I don’t mean carrying a Bible around in your backpack or purse, hidden where it can’t be seen. I challenge you to carry your Bible with you for all to see—not as a sign of personal pride—but as a sign of humble devotion to Jesus Christ.

Here’s three good reasons to carry your Bible everywhere:

  1. Stronger Commitment. Carrying your Bible everywhere will strengthen your commitment to God’s Word and to God himself. You will be opened to questioning, and perhaps ridicule, but your resolve and dedication will exponentially increase. When I began carrying my Bible with me in 11th grade, I was treated differently—but in a that made me a stronger Christian and got me into the Word.
  2. Conversation Opener. Yes, people are going to wonder why you are carrying your Bible everywhere. So why not tell them? Carrying your Bible is a perfect conversation starter that can help you explain your devotion to Christ and share Christ with others.
  3. It’s God’s Word! Listen, do you really need a good reason to carry around your Bible? I say no! It’s God’s Word, and we should want it with us wherever we go. Psalm 119:105 says, “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path.” Take that light with you and read it wherever you go!

So…are you ready to take the challenge?

For more information on the 1 Month Challenge, check the national Youth Alive Website.