Reviews of Exponential

“It has been the best decision I’ve made…”


“If it wasn’t for this cohort, I wouldn’t be as intentional as I needed to be. It’s really changed to culture of our youth group for the better. I want to say thank you for that, in addition to making me get out of my comfort zone and meeting youth pastors that I otherwise wouldn’t have met.”

– Ryan Coon, Youth Pastor a Calvary Assembly of God in Dover, DE


Chris“The Exponential Cohort was an transformational learning experience for me.  Sharing together with other youth pastors was inspiring as well as motivating.  Learning from from someone as experienced, thoroughly educated, and ACTIVE in the realm of campus ministry as Lee Rogers made this one of the most enriching experiences I’ve ever had.  I look forward to continuing to appropriate and activate the principles shared in this cohort.”

-Chris Gillott, Youth Pastor at Christian Life Center in Bensalem, PA

“It’s changed my entire focus to be more intentional about the campus and to be focused on that side of youth ministry. The campus has to take a priority…it is our missional field. It’s been terrific to focus and to look in a big picture way at the Campus. It’s made a huge difference.”

-John Wirmel, Youth Pastor at Praise Assembly of God North Versailles, PA


josh“Exponential has unlocked a missional vision for me first then my students. It was exactly what we needed.”

– Josh Tarnowski, Student Ministries Pastor at Philadelphia Christian Center




“Exponential was a powerful cohort to be a part of. The content I received in reaching our schools and how to create a missional culture within my youth group were vital to understanding the role I’ve been given as a Youth Pastor. Along side several youth pastors I found this journey to be incredibly encouraging, challenging and full of wisdom from many who have had years of experience in this area. I can confidently say I feel better equipped to empower students to become campus missionaries after this cohort.”

– Aaron Lawrence, Family Life Pastor at Pleasant Valley Assembly of God in Brodheadsville, PA


“Exponential is filled with awesome kernels of truth that are vital to transforming our students into affective and passionate campus missionaries.”

– Bernie Gillott VI, Lighthouse Worship Center in Hayes, VA


andrew“Exponential has changed the way I view youth ministry and the local high school campus. That shift has now spread to our students as well, and we are starting to see the impact it’s having in how they approach the school year.”

-Andrew Jordan, Student Ministries Pastor at Glad Tidings Assembly of God in Middletown, PA


kris“Exponential has opened my eyes to how much youth ministry is like world missions. The schools and our students live in a different world from us. And for most of my tenure I have been trying to force students into a church world with a different language and ways of doing things without regarding their local dialect and customs. To be truly relevant to students you have to get the national inhabitants (students) speaking and influencing their peers. Exponential provides an avenue to understand various options to accomplish this. I have been impacted heavily by just the camaraderie I’ve had with the others participating.  It has been the best decision I’ve made in a long time.”

-Kris Lewis, Youth Pastor at Orchard Beach Assembly of God in North East, PA

steve“Through Exponential I have a better focus and plan and purpose for affectively transforming our youth ministry, our schools, and our community. Thanks, Exponential! Couldn’t have done it without you!”

– Steve Hinkeldey, Youth Pastor at New Beginnings Church in Jamison, PA


shane“I just want to start off by saying, you can’t get a better resource for campus ministry. Exponential equips you with resources and interactive training to best prepare your students to reach their campus. Also, Exponential provides a team building atmosphere by connecting youth pastors together who are passionate about reaching the campus.  Exponential is a well packaged resource and I would recommend any youth pastor who has a heart for students reaching their schools to grab ahold of this opportunity.”

-Shane Hotchkin, Youth Pastor at Bethel Assembly of God in Chambersburg, PA

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