Guest Conversationlists

Many sessions we invite guests who are authorities in a particular field that relates to Campus Ministry to conduct a conversation on the topic of their expertise. Our guest conversationalists in the past have included:

Dr. Steve Pulis, Former National Youth Alive Director

Kent Hulbert, National Youth Alive Coordinator

Doug Sayers, PennDel District Youth Director

Dr. Doug Witherup, Author and North Carolina District Youth Director

Dr. Steve Tourville, PennDel District Superintendent

Mike DeVito, National Network of Youth Ministries

Wayne Morgan, National Network of Youth Ministries

Jayme Montera, National Youth Evangelist

Travis Deans, Teens for Christ

Tom Rees, PennDel Church Development

Bradly Keller, Southern Missourri Youth Alive

Ben Russell, Alabama Youth Alive

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