LeeLee Rogers

Lee is a Youth Alive Missionary and author. With over 16 years of full-time youth ministry experience, his ministry context has ranged from urban to rural. A driving passion for the campus and developing missional students set the tone in his youth ministries.As a youth pastor, Lee recruited campus missionaries from his youth ministry every year, establishing a missional presence in nine schools. In addition, students from his youth ministry led Bible Clubs on five different campuses, three of which were started from scratch. He was also president of the Merge Leadership Network, a locally based multi-denominational group of youth leaders who joined together for the purposes of influencing the campus and the local youth culture. He also served as a Rep for the South Central East Section of the Assemblies of God in PennDel. He is the author of Initiate: Powerful Conversations That Lead to Jesus, a resource designed to help students to talk about Jesus in everyday conversations.

Lee is a credentialed Life Coach, a graduate of the University of Valley Forge, and a Doctoral student at Regent University. His wife, Kiki, is a sixth grade science teacher in the public school, a graduate of the University of Valley Forge, holds a masters degree from Penn State, and a Doctor of Education from the University of Florida. She has also served as the teacher-sponsor of a Bible Club in her school.

robRob Gillen

With nearly a decade of full-time youth ministry experience, Rob serves as the high school pastor at Christian Life Assembly in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania. He’s guest lectured on campus ministry at the University of Valley Forge, and he’s mentored more than three hundred students on fourteen high school campuses. Along with writing for ReachTheSchool.com, Rob has also contributed to Group Magazine.

Rob is an ordained minister with the Assemblies of God and he’s received his Bachelors in Pastoral Ministry and his Masters in Theological Studies. Rob and his wife Kara are proud to parent a son and two beautiful daughters.


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