Exponential is designed to be a comprehensive development platform for leaders wishing to grow in campus missions leadership. The specific components of Exponential include:

  • Exponential Retreat
  • Reading
  • Meetings
  • One-to-One Campus Leadership Experience
  • Projects

It is designed to be a comprehensive learning experience—from cerebral to “hands on”– many different components of learning are present.

Exponential Retreat. This retreat is intended to provide a time of focused concentration in the area of campus leadership development. The retreat will feature speakers who are doing exceptionally well at campus leadership. While attending the retreat leaders will have an opportunity to spend time, not only with one another, but also with excellent leaders in the area of campus ministry.

Reading. This reading encompasses books, articles, resources, and blogs. The content will catalyze personal growth as well as group discussions and development. The reading ranges from general leadership development to specific philosophies in campus ministry.

Meetings. The weekend retreat will be the first meeting of Exponential. Following that, three additional meetings will take place on a quarterly basis. These will be face-to-face meetings, just as a weekend retreat, but they will take place over the span of one day. These quarterly face-to-face meetings will be supplemented by monthly calls with the entire cohort. In addition to the monthly and quarterly meetings, each member of Exponential will receive monthly one-on-one coaching sessions. These will focus on goals within each member’s ministry and campus context.

One-to-One Campus Leadership Experience. This is an opportunity to get personal “hands-on” experience of what it’s like to actually go into a school and do campus ministry. In the One-to-One Campus Leadership Experience, Exponential members will be partnered with a youth pastor who currently accesses the campus for ministry on a regular basis. The opportunity to shadow a youth pastor who has already accessed the campus, and has a good working relationship with school officials, will be a great boost for leaders new to campus ministry.

Projects. Several projects will take all the learning and experience acquired throughout Exponential and apply it to each leader’s local ministry context. These projects move the leader and youth ministry from learning and vision to application and action.

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