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It’s there. Maybe just across the street, maybe a few miles away. Every Youth Pastor and Youth Leader has at least one of these in their neighborhood. And it dominates our students’ lives. It’s school…and our students are spending between 30-40 hours there each week. Does your youth ministry have a measurable impact there? Do you want it to? Do you know how to make it happen? Have you tried and been frustrated? We’ve been there. That’s why we’re starting Exponential—a cohort for youth ministry leaders who want to impact the campus.

Exponential is about growing—exponentially growing your leadership ability and your students. It is growth that starts within the leaders’ heart and mind, but goes well beyond that. As the impact of Exponential works its way through your life and your students, you can anticipate exponential growth of your youth ministry’s impact on the campus, which will inevitably grow your youth ministry itself. Best of all, the light of the Gospel will grow exponentially brighter on the largest mission field in your neighborhood, the school campus.

Youth Leaders will join together in Exponential for 11 months, committing to participation and completion of specific components and activities that will propel their leadership ability forward. This cohort begins in March and runs until the end of January in the following year. It is designed to give leaders enough time to cast vision and formulate a plan for their youth ministry’s engagement of the campus beginning in the September (or the beginning of the school year) of their Exponential participation. Exponential activities continue until January so that leaders may experience some of the triumphs and trials of catalyzing campus mission ministry and receive coaching and mentoring along those twists and turns. One of the key goals of Exponential is to equip youth leaders with knowledge, skills, and abilities that will enable them to sustain campus missions development in their local youth ministry for years to come.

Explore the information here. Ask questions. Then consider if you’re ready for growth. Exponential growth.