Enters the Missionary

It was an incredible weekend, one that our group would never forget. The students were saying their goodbyes and the leaders were shaking hands and swapping stories.  ADVANCE was over. But before we left the conference center, I felt a tap on my shoulder. “I feel like God wants me to start a Campus Club at my high school” Kristen said, “How do I do it?”

Kristen was going into 8th grade and was a fairly new Christian. This was her first year at Youth Advance.

We began to pray and strategize how she could reach her campus. One step at a time Kristen began the process of launching a brand new Campus Ministry at her middle school.

She met with her principal. She found a teacher who would be willing to sponsor the club, and then she gathered together a few of her Christian friends who wanted to make a difference on their campus.

Within a month, twenty-five students were gathering in the cafeteria to worship, share their testimonies and pray together after school. A movement had begun in her middle school and students were coming to Christ. Kristen made a decision, and in that moment she became a missionary. She still is one today.

Kristen is now a junior, and leads a campus ministry at our local high school. Last year, more than sixty students gathered to pray around her flag at See-You-At-The-Pole. This year, she’s already met with a team of students over the summer and they’re fired up to re-launch their club and share the life-changing message of Jesus Christ on their Campus.

What is God asking you to do on your campus? Connect with your youth leader and start planning today.