Christmas and The Campus Missionary

Tis’ the season! The time of year that many of us look forward to! It’s a season of love, being with family, and giving to others! Yet for some it isn’t as jolly. Some people don’t have a family that loves them or a family to go home to on Christmas day. Some might not have enough money to provide their children or loved ones with gifts. Some have lost family members and have somber holidays. These are all reasons why Christmas should also be a season of sacrifice. A lot of us are excited to get new clothes, cash, or maybe the new iPhone! While others of us just want money to pay for school. But there are people out there who have nothing to look forward to but an empty Christmas tree, perhaps not able to provide any gifts for their loved ones. It happens every year, and it’s really sad, but I want to encourage you all as Campus Missionaries to do something sacrificial this year around the holidays! One thing my church does is a program known as “Christmas at Bethel”, where we invite any and all troubled families to a Christmas celebration! Every year families who may struggling attend and we just love on them. All of the kids get to pick a toy; there are games, inflatables, cotton candy machines, hot dogs, professional comedians, and much more!

I am not saying you have to organize your own “Christmas at Bethel” in your area, but it is a good thing to help give you some ideas! This year I feel that, as Campus Missionaries, we should be a living sacrifice in some way. Whether it be something you and your bible club does, or something you and your family does, or maybe something you do by yourself. Let’s give to those who aren’t as fortunate as us. Some ideas would be to give some of your brand new clothes away to people who never get new clothes, or donate your Christmas money to a shelter, or a charity, or even Speed the Light. Maybe you could hang out with some of the students in your school who don’t get to have the ideal Christmas—take them out to the movies or out to dinner. Instead of spending all of your Christmas money on things you really want, set a little bit of it aside and buy gifts for those who didn’t get any. Do everything out of love, and tell people of God’s love! Through all of this, glorify Him, not yourself. Pray about it; see what God wants you to do. Maybe He wants you to do something you never even imagined yourself being able to do. After you have done something, let us know what you did! Send us a report on how it went and if you got to share the Gospel with someone!

Merry Christmas, Campus Missionaries!