Beyond the Pole

Wednesday, September 28 is the global day of student prayer around the flag pole. At 7am local time, students will pray for their schools, lift up the name of Jesus, and worship His name. Whether there is a crowd of 100+, or just one person, it will be a momentous event.

The theme for this year’s SYATP is “Converge,” based upon Matthew 18:20. Jesus said, “For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them” (ESV). The idea is that Jesus is there with you every time you join together with someone in prayer. Of course, the Holy Spirit is always in you, from the moment you became a Christian. So when you come together in prayer, it’s a very special convergence (meeting together for a common reason) of each person involved—you and your friends, the Holy Spirit, and Jesus. This will happen when you are gather around your flag pole on Wednesday morning. You will bring the Holy Spirit and Jesus into your school when you pray together.

As much as I celebrate your dedication and courage in prayer at your school, I have to ask, “Why aren’t you doing this every week?” Why are you only gathering for prayer like this every fourth Wednesday in September? Doesn’t your school need the presence of the Holy Spirit (through you), and the presence of Jesus (through your prayer together with other Christians), every day? Think about it. Then think about what you can do to make this convergence happen more often.